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Attention Brokers: we have what your clients need in 2021!

In the last month, we have had a significant uptick of real estate agents call us to inquire about the affordability of fogging their client's home either during an open house or while it's on the market, similar to how they would traditionally hire a stager. Here's what your favorite Realtor needs to know:

1. Fogging can be relatively inexpensive. We charge $200 for an 2500 sq. ft. house and $400 for a 5000 sq. ft. office space.

2. Fogging isn't just for Covid; it also protects against cold, flu, and other virus or bacteria that can enter a home any time of year.

3. Fogging is a significant value-add for your clients. One broker-client had this to say:

"I have used What Duh Fog for my own home and homes of clients. The are prompt and professional. Some of my clients have used them multiple times. If you need sanitation of your home or business, I recommend them."

-Jonas Barrish, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

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